Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Zip Lock Bag Butterflies

I love searching the internet for wonderful crafts clever people have already thought of. Here is a super simple craft you can do with things you have at home! Easy butterflies, made using zip lock bags, tissue paper and pipecleaners. Thanks to Busy Bee Kids Crafts for this one!!!

Here is what we did.

1. Before we started I cut the tops off the zip lock bags just above the zip so that they still closed but didn't have any over hang.

2. Scrunched up little squares of tissue paper to fill the bags (about half way, fabulous for fine motor)

3. Closed the bags carefully squeezing out as much of the air as we could.

4. Gather the bag in the middle and wrap a pipecleaner around a couple of times leaving two ends to be bent into antennae.

5. Voila Zip lock bag butterflies!

Miss A very busy scrunching her tissue paper into balls to put into her bag.

Miss L, Miss G and Miss A all busy scrunching!

Master J filling up his bag.
Miss M and the lovely birthday girl Miss O filling their bags.
Testing out the pipecleaners.

Carefully squeezing the air out of the bag.

Master E flying his butterfly!

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