Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Colour Sorting using Car Pictures

Master E is car mad and loves pasting so we decided to combine the two and do pasting with car pictures and threw in some colour sorting just for fun.
We started with six different coloured pieces of paper, a glue stick and a pile of car pictures I had cut out of magazines (got to love the op shop!)

Ready to get started.

Getting the hang of matching the colour of the cars to the colour of the paper. 

Being very industrious!

The finished pages, since we didn't come across any green cars in our pile we made the pages into a book with a green cover. Master E has been very keen to read his car book regularly!

Master E and I had a great time working on the car sorting together. He got the hang of matching the colours very quickly and needed less of my help than I thought.
We will be trying this one again soon, however with motor bikes next time!

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